Artist: Donnie feat. Diddy
Title: Take You There
Director: Ray Kay
2nd Unit D.P. and B.Cam.Op.: Viggo Knudsen
Artist: Larkin Poe
Title: Long Hard Fall
Director: Hallgrim Haug
Artist: Drop Dead Gorgeous
Title: Two Birds, One Stone
Director: Hallgrim Haug
Producerr: Ray Kay/Interscope Records
Artist: Johnny Cash
Director: Chloe Okuno
Artist: Sirens
Title: Club LA LA
Director: Ray Kay
2nd Unit D.P.: Viggo Knudsen
Artist: Calvin Richardson
Title: Sang No More
Director: Marius Haugan

Artist: Merah
Title: The Malady
Director: S. Gronbech and Christian Falch.
Producer: Gammaglimt Videoproduksjoner AS
Artist: DJ Spacecowboy
Title: Falling Down
Director: Hallgrim Haug
Producer: Ray Kay/Interscope Records